IBNA 26th New Delhi Book Fair hosts Iran 8 month(s) ago

IBNA French playwrights to attend book signing celebration in Tehran 8 month(s) ago

IBNA Iranian scholar Jaleh Amouzgar presents new book 8 month(s) ago

IBNA Moradi Kermani’s Books in Serbian, Chinese to be released 8 month(s) ago

IBNA “Proust Night” program to unveil ‘Magic Lantern of Time’ 8 month(s) ago

IBNA Iran Studies Department of Panteion University inaugurated 8 month(s) ago

IBNA German researcher writes book on Iranian houses 8 month(s) ago

IBNA Iran to partake actively at New Delhi Book Fair 8 month(s) ago

IBNA Persian translation of Heinrich Mann’s masterwork republished 8 month(s) ago

IBNA Introducing Rumi to the West, an amazing gift 8 month(s) ago

IBNA Jean Perrot Night to be held in Tehran 9 month(s) ago

IBNA Tom Hanks’s book to be released in Persian 9 month(s) ago

IBNA Iran participates at Karachi International Book Fair 9 month(s) ago

IBNA Iranian artist illustrates Eloise Greenfield’s book 9 month(s) ago

IBNA Tehran Printing Exhibit to host 650 companies 9 month(s) ago

IBNA Handke’s ‘The Peddler’ published in Persian 9 month(s) ago

IBNA Doha International Book Fair underway as Iran participating 9 month(s) ago

IBNA Penguin Books releases Iranian cartoonist’s work 9 month(s) ago

IBNA Meeting of ECO Libraries due 9 month(s) ago

IBNA Mandanipour’s new novel to be published in U.S. 9 month(s) ago

IBNA Iranian writer’s collection of Persian-English stories released 10 month(s) ago

IBNA ‘Leonard of Shahyar’ delves into Cohen’s poetry 10 month(s) ago

IBNA “Literary Critique in Russia” to be reviewed 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Book on Shamlou’s Poetry published in Italy 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Iranian translator and journalist Nazanin Daihimi laid to rest 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Further academic cooperation between Iran and Austria discussed 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Iran’s stand active at Zagreb Book Fair 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Pirandello’s status in Italian literature to be observed 10 month(s) ago

IBNA International Conference of India’s Persian Foundation underway 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Eminent Dutch Iranologist de Bruijn to be honored 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Copyrights of 16 Iranian books purchased at Istanbul Fair 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Book informs Iranian teens of Shakespeare works 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Istanbul International Book Fair 2017 kicks off 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Iran and Turkey share common cultural values 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Istanbul Book Fair 2017 to host Iranian publications 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Poem corresponds to Trump’s travel ban order 10 month(s) ago

IBNA ‘A Dialogue Between Hegel and Islamic Philosophers’ to be reviewed 10 month(s) ago

IBNA ‘Nantas’ by Émile Zola published in Persian 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Tehran Printing Exhibit to host European print industry 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Iran and Serbia sign MOU on publishing 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Belgrade Book Fair unveils Iranian writer’s book 10 month(s) ago

IBNA Writer Darvishian will be laid to rest Monday 10 month(s) ago

IBNA IBHI officially invites Western orientalists to Iran 10 month(s) ago

IBNA 62nd Belgrade International Book Fair kicks off 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Ebtehaj night program held at Calgary University 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Bests of “Book and Cinema” section in TISFF named 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Frankfurt, the city of tremendous beauties -1 11 month(s) ago

IBNA San Diego Prof. to lecture at Iranian scholar’s honoring ceremony 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Book House to review, ‘Zionism And Europe’s Financial Problem’ 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Iranian-French writer jury member of 2017 Man Booker Prize 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Iran ready to develop Persian language in Armenia 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Iranian research institute activities at FBF reviewed 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Manuscripts Section of Frankfurt Book Fair in pictures 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Kermani guest of honor in Tehran Short Film Fest 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Noted Iranian writer Fariba Vafi interviewed by ARTE 11 month(s) ago

IBNA The 69th Frankfurt Book Fair in pictures 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Book House contributes to Tehran Short Film Fest 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Minister: culture the most important social issue in Iran 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Mestro Javad Mojabi turns 77 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Belgrade University presents Diploma of Honor to Iran 11 month(s) ago

IBNA ‘Birds of Iran’ to be unveiled at FBF 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Book House CEO visits Pergamonmuseum’s Islamic and Iranian manuscripts 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Meeting “About Sohrab” to be held on Sepehri 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Literary agency director to meet over 50 foreign publishers 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Best Iranian books to be introduced at FBF 11 month(s) ago

IBNA Soccer manager Queiroz loves books and reading

IBNA Three Persian works introduced to Book Office list

IBNA Medal of peace awarded to prominent Iranian artists

IBNA Culture Minister holds a meeting with Iranian publishers

IBNA Plutarch’s book on renowned Iranian, Greek men republished

IBNA Iranian illustrator wins BIB’s Golden Apple

IBNA The book ‘Edward Browne and Iran’ to be reviewed

IBNA IBHI to hold international conference on Ibrahim Muteferrika

IBNA Russian Iranologists visit Iran’s stand at MIBF

IBNA Russians welcome “Sacred Defense” literature at MIBF

IBNA ‘Layla and Majnun’ in French released

IBNA Untold secrets of Putin published in Persian

IBNA Orf Orchestra plays to support children literature

IBNA Gonabadi’s commemoration night ceremony to be held

IBNA Beijing International Book Fair? ?wraps up

IBNA Inauguration ceremony for new Iran’s Culture Minister held

IBNA Culture Ministry should present Iranian outstanding works internationally

IBNA Call to support the translation of Iranian books issued

IBNA Beijing International Book Fair kicks off

IBNA BIBF to unveil Persian translation of the Chinese book ?

IBNA Media censorship and ban practiced under Ahmadinejad

IBNA Imam Khomeini’s common views with Habermas observed ?

IBNA Meeting on “Describing Avicenna’s Ideas” due

IBNA ?‘Iranian Christian Martyrs’ book released

IBNA Call for Int’l Commemoration Conference on Rumi released

IBNA Culture Ministry supports “Iran Pharma” Book Exhibit

IBNA Iran to participate actively in BIBF 2017 ?

IBNA Iranian theorist of fuzzy logic dies

IBNA Call for the 20th Int’l Storytelling Festival issued

IBNA Novel by celebrated Algerian writer published in Persian

IBNA The week of Iranian movies at BIBF due

IBNA Stalin’s nose story translated into Persian ?

IBNA BIBF to display over 950 Iranian books ?

IBNA Japan eager to be guest of honor in TIBF

IBNA Ahmadi’s new story book for young adults released

IBNA Commemoration ceremony for Media Kashigar due

IBNA Culture Minister to attend Imam Reza Festival’s closing ceremony

IBNA Iranian writer and translator Media Kashigar passes away

IBNA Seminar on Suhrawardi views to be held

IBNA Book Garden helps to realize Tehran’s cultural identity

IBNA Historical books exhibit relevant to Imam Reza opens

IBNA Sepidar contest’s bests to visit Frankfurt and Bologna fairs

IBNA Commemoration ceremony held for Prof. Mirzakhani

IBNA Call for attending Frankfurt Book Fair issued

IBNA Veteran Iranologist Lazar receives Iranian award ?

IBNA Iranian organization SAMT bestows books to Bamiyan University

IBNA President condoles the demise of genius Iranian Mirzakhani

IBNA Kazzazi: Literati should be honoured in various ways

IBNA German translation of ‘Shahnameh’ due

IBNA Brain injury damages in Iran higher than what announced

IBNA The collection ‘Shahnameh for Children’ published in Russian?

IBNA Two Iranian illustrators will attend Beijing Book Fair

IBNA Mo`in Dictionary meant for research and reflection

IBNA Backing Iranian literati an inevitable need ?

IBNA Any nation ignoring history reiterates mistakes

IBNA Culture Minister: Last year, Iran released 83,000 book titles

IBNA ?“The Night of Moradi Kermani” due

IBNA Iran’s book House to honor the veteran literati

IBNA India’s cricket team captain reads Molana’s poems

IBNA Tehran Book Garden to be opened

IBNA New poetry book by Ali Salehi available

IBNA European authors views on Ramadan to be considered

IBNA Call for collaboration with East Asian languages’ translators issued

IBNA Five stories by Poe released in Persian

IBNA The meeting “Now, We and Shari’ati” due

IBNA We should strive for Quranic dialogue development

IBNA No Title

IBNA The 25th Tehran International Quran Exhibition in pictures

IBNA Persian book describes Sacred Defense according to former Iraqi official

IBNA Nahj al-Balagha translated by Faqihi to Persian unveiled

IBNA Iranian writer Fariba Vafi wins German LiBeratur Literary Award

IBNA Holy Quran application for children unveiled at exhibition

IBNA Umberto Eco’s ‘On Ugliness’ released in Persian

IBNA Book on da Vinci translated into Persian

IBNA Flying Turtle Award granted to French writer Mourlevat

IBNA Persian Translations of ‘Snow’ by Orhan Pamuk published

IBNA Edward Albee’s celebrated works translated to Persian republished

IBNA Special Quran for children and youth unveiled

IBNA Call for Book of the Year World Award issued

IBNA Veteran writer Dowlatabadi addresses President Rouhani

IBNA Book on Iranian martyred pilot Abbas Dowran published

IBNA Hassan-Zadeh to represent Iran at Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award

IBNA The opening ceremony of 25th Tehran International Quran Exhibition in pictures

IBNA Writer Vafi nominated for Germany’s best foreign author award

IBNA Persian translation of ‘Understanding Hegelianism’ to be reviewed

IBNA Not spies, we’re Iranologists: Dutch scholar

IBNA Iran, our missing piece of puzzle: Spanish expert

IBNA Culture Minister to inaugurate the 25th Quran Int’l Exhibit

IBNA Eminent Iranian scholar Abdollah Anwar honored

IBNA Persian book studies Cultural potentials of Malaysian, Indonesian women

IBNA Cultural figures at the forefront of improving country’s future

IBNA 42 remarks by those who lived a meaningful life

IBNA Australia tries to participate more actively at TIBF

IBNA Every book genre demands its own marketing

IBNA Books save the society from populism

IBNA Algerian Arabic literature professor admires Persian literature

IBNA TIBF bridges Iran and Francophone world

IBNA Tehran International Book Fair 2017 wraps up

IBNA Comic strip version of ‘Swann in Love’ published in Persian

IBNA Graphic novel ‘Swann in Love’ published in Persian

IBNA Mexico eyes for more cultural interaction with Iran

IBNA Iranian and French publishers boost cooperation in book translation

IBNA Hall of Foreign Publishers in the 30th Tehran Book Fair

IBNA Turkish literature incomprehensible without knowing Persian

IBNA A book tree for children is growing

IBNA An Iran-Hungary cultural center needed: Ambassador

IBNA Over 20 agreements signed between Italian and Iranian publishers

IBNA FBF Vice-President: Literary exchanges with Iran will strengthen

IBNA Meeting on Iran and Italy cultural ties held

IBNA Khayyam’s Ruba’iyat in 10 languages displayed at 30th TIBF

IBNA Meeting on Tarz-e No (a poetry style) in Persian and Italian literature

IBNA Finnish Ambassador hoping to see Iran at Helsinki Book Fair

IBNA The stand of Iran’s Book News Agency (IBNA) in the 30th TIBF

IBNA Salehi Amiri meets Italian Deputy Culture Minister

IBNA The 30th Tehran International Book Fair opens

IBNA IBNA active in covering 30th anniversary of TIBF issues

IBNA 2,600 Iranian publishers to participate at 30th TIBF

IBNA Ayatollah Rafsanjani not conservative in describing his memoirs

IBNA Belgrade University and Sa`di Foundation sign collaboration MOU

IBNA Quran Int’l Exhibit to kick off May 27

IBNA 110 foreign guests will definitely attend the 30th TIBF

IBNA Iranian novel to be published in Italy

IBNA Meeting for discussion with Dowlatabadi due

IBNA Sa`di’s poetry the remedy for our today’s society

IBNA Iran makes debut at Budapest International Book Fest

IBNA Greek translation of Jesus in Quranic view released

IBNA Leading Iranian poet Kewmars Monshizadeh passes away

IBNA Persian translation of ‘A Lonely Woman’ to be reviewed

IBNA Serbian Culture Minister Vukosavljevi? to attend 30th TIBF

IBNA Serbian Culture Minister Vukosavljevi? to attend 30th TIBF

IBNA Serbian Culture Minister Vukosavljevi? to attend 30th TIBF

IBNA Serbian Culture Minister Vukosavljevi? to attend 30th TIBF

IBNA Serbian Culture Minister Vukosavljevi? to attend 30th TIBF

IBNA Serbian Culture Minister Vukosavljevi? to attend 30th TIBF

IBNA Serbian Culture Minister Vukosavljevi? to attend 30th TIBF

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